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stradela 1, Sihastrului 19 or. Codru, mun. Chişinău

Tel.: +373 69 13 73 60; Fax: +373 22 28 26 42; Email:

Security seal Sprut-1

Sprut 1 - is a universal seal that can be used in measuring and control devices, electronic boards, devices designed to account for resources consumed, as well as for other similar cases when it is necessary to restrict access of unauthorized persons to the special technical equipment

Features devices:

- Increased resistance to temperature changes
- Withstands temperature minima and maxima (from -50 & quot; C to 90 & quot; C)
- The presence of the body, which is made from thermoplastic implies increased sustainability model
- Polystyrene core, which rotates during use seal
- A variety of core colors -. Red, yellow, blue, white, black and other
- Each seal can enter a code number consisting of seven digits, which eliminates the chance of recurrence numbers
- The core is able to rotate in a single direction, which guarantees available multiple retrieval rope
- A wide variety of labels
- On the seal can be applied to posters in various formats and sizes
- The material allows the use of such mechanisms of drawing as hot stamping and laser marking devices using
- No need pliers to install

Cable for Sprut 1

In the manufacture of the cable to seal Sprut 1 applies a thin galvanized steel (diameter up to 1 cm, approximately - 0.7 mm). The standard cable length is 2.5 cm, however, according to the customer, this length can be increased.


Seals are completed in a thermoplastic polyethylene packaging. Each package consists of up to 100 models of seals. Then, plastic bags are formed into cartons, so that one pack has 3,000. One such case, depending on the cable length and weighs 10 kg.

How is the seal?

- It is necessary to determine the correct value of the wire, so that after strapping seals the ends were 1 cm
- The inside of the seal rotates clockwise until until you have aligned holes into which threaded wire. Then, in one of the holes is threaded wire, and the inner part of the seal must be rotated a half turn.
- The remaining end of the wire must be threaded through the hole opposite in such a way that the value of each of the two wires was equal. Then, you must spins tightly wound wire to the device.
- Locking is made complete with 4 turnovers core seal clockwise
- Installation is completed by breaking off color insert flag